The Good is that

The Good is that [REC] – befuddling title and all, (you alluded to as in short for [Record]?) is furthermore the Siberian catfish. A genuine irregularity every morning repulsiveness current. A motion picture that somehow procures its notoriety. A blood and gore flick that really astonishes. [REC] is every one of these. Furthermore one of your leanest, (80 minutes!) meanest blood and gore movies to be discharged in quite a while.

Off the shoreline of Africa, around 300 kilometers into the Atlantic Ocean lies the locale of Tenerife. It is the biggest of the Canary Islands and is one of the independent groups of The nation of spain. Tenerife is additionally the most populated, it incorporates a populace of around 900,000 with a territory of 2034.38 square kilometers, and is especially the built to be most gone by occasion creators.


A $1.1 billion lottery in Spain called El Nino has made hundreds purchasers rich beyond anything they could ever imagine. While they won’t be tycoons, to a great degree best prize of $260,240 can be an extraordinary measure of cash, and different individuals scored the prize encompassing the Spanish urban communities of Alicante, Leon, Madrid, Murcia and Tenerife. The lottery tickets aren’t shabby at $26 each, yet in a nation stricken by high unemployment and profound retreat, winning is everything.